Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 7 Problem 22

This week I did sheet 7 problem 22.

In problem 22 I had to find out someones age, here is what I read.

Jim and his younger sister Rachael were born on the same day of the year, but 5 years apart. There was a total of 25 candles on their cakes last birthday. How old is Rachael?

As soon as I had read this I started working on the problem, I knew from reading this that the total of their ages was 25 and Jim is 5 years older than Rachael, I worked onwards from that.

I took the 25 and seeing that Jim was 5 years older, I gave 5 years to Jim.

Jim 5   Rachael 0.

Then I split the 20 years that was left between them.

Jim 15 Rachael 10.

After this I saw that Jim was 15 and Rachael was 10 so I put the Answer 10 into the answer box.


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